Gong Courses with Methab Benton

The Gongmaster Mehtab Benton in Iceland

Mehtab Benton will be in Iceland in September with his wife, Guru Karam, and during his stay he is offering two courses in learning to play the gong. Mehtab is world kown for his passion for the gong and has been teaching in most continents on our beloved planet. He is internationally recognized Gong Master, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, and original student of Yogi Bhajan. He is the author of three books about gong playing.

Course I – Gong Practitioner – for beginners and advanced players  – 7, 8 and 9 September
Course II – Gong Therapy – 14, 15 and 16 September

Course I: Gong Practitioner

Day One: Theory and Practice of Gong Playing

Learn and experience the fundamentals of how the gong is played as an instrument for healing and transformation. From the basic mallet techniques to constructing playing sequences, you will learn to play the gong from a place of intuition and elevation. You will discover how to use the three components of gong playing – rhythm, volume, and placement – to create spontaneous playing patterns and an effective gong session. This hands-on training day will allow you to play several gongs and to find your voice as a gong player.

Day Two: Gong Maps and Healing

Explore the different maps of the gong for working with the chakras, asanas, nadis (energy channels), pranas (five basic energies of the body), and the planetary energies. Learn how the different playing areas of the gong and the Ayurvedic principles of Langhana and Brimhana provide a map for playing the gong for healing, yoga, and transformation.

Day Three: Advanced Gong Playing Techniques

Experiment and play with multiple mallets and gongs in your playing session, and understand the structure of an extended gong relaxation by using different playing methodologies and other sound healing instruments. We will share best playing practices, create build and release cycles, and learn how to create a journey and tell a story through our gong playing.

Dates and time: 7 Sept. 15:00-21:00;  8 Sept. 15:00-22:00 and 9 Sept. 15:00-22:00
Place:  Bustadakirkja Church
Price: 445 US / 360 EUR

For further information and booking please send an email to gudrun@eilifdarsol.is. Capacity of participants is limited and therefore it is better sooner than later to confirm by sending email. Information about payments for the course will be sent in email.

Course II – Gong Therapy

This three-day course in Gong Therapy is for healthcare professionals, sound healers, and yoga teachers who wish to use the Gong in one-on-one therapeutic healing sessions.

In this course you will learn:
• The Basis of Sound Healing and Yoga Therapy
• How to Structure a Gong Therapy Session
• How to Play the Gong Therapeutically
• How to Prepare the Gong Therapy Environment
• The Methods of Client Assessment and Development of a Therapy Session
• The Considerations for Selecting and Using Gongs
• How to Use Mudras, Mantras, and Postures Therapeutically
• The Fundamentals of Guided Meditation and Relaxation for Gong Therapy
• The Guidelines for Group Gong Therapy
• Considerations of Using Gong Therapy with Other Healing Modalities
• The Future of Gong Therapy as a Profession

Upon fulfilling the requirements for this training, you will receive a certificate of completion in Gong Therapy and will be ready to begin using the gong in your own healing sessions.

Prerequisites for the Gong Therapist Certification Course
1) Prior gong playing experience, or ideally:
2) Gong Practitioner Course (held the weekend before the Therapy training), or:
3) Mehtab’s on-line basic Gong Practitioner course (www.gongdharma.com).

Dates and time: 14 Sept.  15:00-21:00;  15 Sept.15:00-22:00 and 16 Sept.  15:00-22:00
Place: Bustadakirkja Church
Price: 475 US /380 EUR
For further information and booking please send an email to gudrun@eilifdarsol.is. Capacity of participants is limited and therefore it is better sooner than later to confirm by sending email. Information about payments for the course will be sent in email.
If you are attending both of the courses we give a discount and the price is then 890 US / 720 EUR.

More about Mehtab Benton …

Mehtab is a lifelong practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, a professional certified Vedic astrologer, and an internationally renowned Gong teacher. He leads Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings throughout North America, conducts gong trainings in the United States, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and guides spiritual seekers world-wide using the ancient tools of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology.

Mehtab is the originator and author of Gong Yoga, the first book and course on using the gong with the practices of yoga and meditation. His book, Teaching Gong Yoga, has been used in yoga teacher training classes by teachers of all disciplines, and his book Gong Therapy has provided the foundation for teaching sound healers, healing professionals, and yoga teachers how to use the gong therapeutically. His passion is in training students from all backgrounds in how to play the gong, and he has created a video course and an online course (www.gongdharma.com) to instruct students who do not have the opportunity to train with him personally.

He and his wife Laura, or Guru Karam, have lived in Austin, Texas where they have taught yoga together in the five yoga studios they founded in 1997.